Mankato Iron and Metal committed to operating its recycling facilities in an environmentally responsible manner. In keeping with this commitment, it is Mankato Iron and Metal’s policy to:

• Establish and maintain an environmental management system (EMS) for its recycling facilities

• Ensure that its EMS remains appropriate for the environmental issues associated with its facility

• Encourage environmental awareness on the part of its personnel through ongoing employee training

• Monitor regulatory compliance status at each recycling facility, and take action as necessary to ensure that compliance is maintained

• Establish reasonable, achievable, and economically viable objectives and targets for environmental performance as part of our business planning process

• Prevent or minimize environmental pollution attributable to its operations through the use of Best Management Practices

• Seek to continually improve our environmental practices.

This policy shall be periodically evaluated for its suitability, appropriateness and shall be communicated to all personnel. It shall be made available to interested parties in response to specific requests for information, or as may otherwise be directed by management.